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Flooring Benefits

Branding – Infusing your brand into the design of your flooring not only reinforces the brand’s identity, but also helps to strengthen and boost the effectiveness of other branded interior design elements.
Sound Management – The layout and interior finishes used in an environment both greatly affect the noise level of a space, and perhaps the largest finish is the floor covering itself. Plan it with sound management in mind and you can make a huge impact on the noise level of the space.
Wayfinding – Wayfinding in flooring designs is a popular method to subtly guide people through a space. Adding wayfinding elements into the flooring design is a great way to save wall space from additional signage, help employees and visitors make their way around large buildings, and to personalize the space.
Biophilia – In an urban world of technology and industrial architecture, we can lose our connection to nature. An environment devoid of nature can have a negative effect on health, productivity and well-being, which can result in poor performance, productivity, lost work time and increased costs. Biophilic design is an innovative way to bring natural elements to environments where we live, work and learn, which can have a huge impact on employee well-being and performance.
Space Delineation – With many offices trending toward open, undivided environments, flooring design concepts that break up these large expanses with contrasting colors and textures can create a visual sense of separation while maintaining the inclusiveness of an open layout.
Sustainability – Whether it be to take advantage of available financial incentives or to be better corporate citizens, many companies today have taken up sustainability initiatives. Most have goals they need to meet and flooring can play a significant role in helping reach them.

Available Manufacturers

•  Atlas Carpets •  Forbo •  Karndean •  Milliken •  Roppe
•  Bentley •  Gerflor •  Lonseal •  Mohawk •  Shaw
•  Burke •  Interface •  Mannington •  Mondo •  Tandus Centiva
•  FLOR •  J+J/Invision •  Masland •  Nora
•  Floorfolio •  Johnsonite •  Mats Inc •  Patcraft  …and more!

Services Overview

•  Callidus Reports •  Delivery / Installation •  Maintenance Programs •  Product Consultation •  Site Evaluations
•  Carpet Cleaning •  Floor Leveling •  Moisture Mitigation •  Reconfiguration •  Take Up & Removal
•  Design Consultation •  Floor Preparation •  Phasing & Seaming Diagrams •  Recycling & Reclamation •  Warehousing