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Casper, a catalyst for collaboration.

Today collaboration is everything, We need open spaces for our work, but, at the same time, confidentiality is just as crucial. How do you work openly, but keep what's on your display screens private? Until today, you had to make compromises. Smart glass, decorative films, curtains, blinds, walls, even butcher paper and tape have all been employed to prevent others from seeing things they shouldn't, but, now, with Casper™ you can have privacy in plain sight. Now there's an idea ...and it's going to change the way office space is designed!


Why Casper?

Casper™ is a solution to a growing problem. In business today, collaboration is everything. We seek open workspaces, but confidentiality is just as important.

Enhanced Privacy

Protect sensitive information from anyone who isn’t meant to see it. Employees, contractors, customers, guests, and, yes, even the copier repairman.

Prevent Visual Hacking

Visual hacking is on the rise. It’s easy, fast and mostly goes unnoticed. In a recent experimental study, white hat hackers were able to capture many types of sensitive information in under 15 minutes. The incidents remained unnoticed 70% of the time.

Source data: From 3M’s U.S. experimental study with the Ponemon Institute.

How Casper works.

1. Casper selectively cloaks the light transmitted by LED displays, but nothing else.

2. To the viewer outside the room, everything but the content on the screens is clearly visible.

3. Transparent and opaque at the same time, it balances openness and privacy in the workplace.
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Casper Cloaking Technology Video

Casper Cloaking Technology acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any working environment. It is installed on the glass inside the room with the display, but an optional Graphic Film can be mounted on the outside glass to customize the appearance of the space.